‘Music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.’
Berthold Auerbach

UPDATE 2023: I’m fully booked at the moment. My waiting list is also full and I won’t be adding to it until further notice. I’m unable to answer enquiries. Thank you.  


So you live in Cheltenham and want piano lessons? Great!
Maybe you’re an adult beginner, or you’ve been playing for years but want to try something new. Perhaps you gave up as a child and would like to start again. I teach adults (only) from the age of 18 to 80 and beyond!

Am I the right teacher for you?

Yes if you’d like to be able to sight-read AND play by ear.
Yes if you’d like to build a repertoire of your favourite jazz, pop, blues, or classical tunes that you can play anywhere, with or without the music in front of you.
Yes if you’d love to be able to improvise or make up your own tunes but think it’s impossibly hard. (It isn’t!)
Yes if you’d like to take exams, but want to take ones that will develop you as a musician and not just teach you to read notes on a page.
Yes if you dislike taking exams, but still want to feel a sense of progress and accomplishment.