About Me

‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’
Bob Marley

I began playing the piano when I was ten (a LONG time ago!). My piano teacher was a wonderfully kind old man named (appropriately enough) Mr Sharp. He often said I was a ‘great little sight-reader’. And indeed I was because…. it was the ONLY THING I COULD DO! Without the music in front of me I couldn’t play a thing.

I loved playing the piano, but as I grew up I secretly longed to be ‘one of those people’ who could play without the music in front of them. Whether they were remembering written music, doodling around on a favourite tune, or inventing ones of their own. I knew people who could do it, but unfortunately they were the self-taught types who couldn’t really explain what they were doing. A bit like the centipede at the Ugly Bug Ball –  they couldn’t teach anyone else their moves!

So for years I was left thinking that playing by ear and improvising were for the gifted few.


In my thirties, and in the spirit of ‘now or never’ after the death of my parents, I was determined to try again. I discovered the Jazz & Blues exams thanks to another lovely teacher named Bob Holland. I learnt to do all the things I’d dreamt about. I learnt to sit down and PLAY, to pick out a tune by ear, improvise over chord changes, play with other people, accompany them singing, make up my own stuff and have FUN. After so many years of simply sight-reading, it was as if I’d taken off a straight-jacket.

I began teaching the piano eight years ago after studying for the ABRSM Jazz & Blues exams. After learning to do what I’d believed couldn’t be taught, I was inspired to pass that knowledge onto others. I’ve been spreading the word ever since!