‘If music be the food of love, play on.’
Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

‘Cress is a hidden gem in the world of piano teaching. She has transformed my style of playing in a relatively short period of time. I have played the piano off and on for many years but always fancied getting into a more jazzy/blues style. I have been delighted with the progress I have made under Cress’ expert tuition. Her style of teaching is very relaxed and every lesson is a real pleasure. I am happy to give her the strongest endorsement possible!’
Steve Bull

‘Cress is a natural teacher. Without noticing it, I have learned a lot about music from her. Now I can enjoy playing jazz, pop music not just classical.’
Midori Endicott

‘Cress is my 5th piano teacher. Previous teachers got me to Grade 5 Classical but it was all very repetitive, I never felt I was learning to play the piano or understand music. Consequently I stopped having lessons . . . for ten years!  My piano tuner introduced me to Cress a year ago and she really is the best teacher by far. Cress has an individual, unique and extremely patient style of teaching.  I’m now practising more, enjoying it and looking forward to progressing from Grade 4 to Grade 5 Jazz.’
Trevor Stuart

‘Cress is the piano teacher everyone should have! – her results are obvious – I play lots of music and love it!’
Rosie Stone

‘Learning jazz and blues is a fantastic alternative to classical since it encourages creativity and improvisation. With both my daughter Kate and I learning together I can understand what Kate is being taught at the same time as enjoying the learning myself. Cress is a great teacher – very patient and goes at the pace you want to go. I hear of so many people who are put off learning because they don’t like the teacher. It would be difficult to see how anyone would feel this way about Cress – she keeps you on track but with no pressure – and we have a laugh along the way!’
Sue Wassell

‘I’ve been coming to piano lessons with Cress for over 6 years now which speaks volumes…the lessons are well structured with weekly targets set and the teaching is done in a friendly, fun and relaxed manner.’
Emma Morris

‘Having returned to playing the piano after an interlude of 30 years I have been inspired by Cress’ teaching, and made progress well beyond my expectations. Cress is a natural teacher, very positive and encouraging, and with an infectious enthusiasm for music, and her lessons are always well-prepared, interesting and enjoyable.’
Mark Hartley